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Regular/painted items

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# Date Item Map
1 27 Jan '13 Hetman's Headpiece
27 Jan '13 Chief Constable koth_nucleus

Unusual items

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Tagged items

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# Date   Q Original item Name and description
1 10 Mar '13   Black Rose "TheNoobishNinja's Hate"
"You can't slay it unless you surrender which won't happen."
10 Mar '13   Big Kill "TheNoobishNinja's Sidearm"
"Used by TheNoobishNinja to kill Pyros and Scouts when knifes are stupid."
10 Mar '13   Ellis' Cap "Revenge Of Ellis"
"Now, I'm not worth 1.33 anymore! BEECH."
27 Jan '13   Ghastly Gibus "Strange Ghastly Gibus"
"P2Ps hating: 65524654316346732532"
5 27 Jan '13   Team Captain "Bison\'s Pride"
"Awarded to pre purchasers of Street Figher 5 on Steam."
27 Jan '13   Big Kill "The Small Kill"
"Not big, unlike Sam\'s revolver."
27 Jan '13   Bill's Hat "I used to exist."
"But Valve killed me."
27 Jan '13   Soldier's Stash "The Only Ace"
"Worn by people who have aced Team Fortress. Aliens might attack!"
27 Jan '13   Bonk Helm "Radioactivity Increaser"
"Become a zombified scout, in just a SECOND!"
10 27 Jan '13   Helmet Without a Home "Strange Helmet Without a Home"
"Minutes worn in game: 0 min."
27 Jan '13   Sapper "Enemy Sapper"
"Throw this at their face; they may feel shocked."
27 Jan '13   Hottie's Hoodie "Hottest Hoodie"
"What more hotness could you want? Burn a lot with both fake and real fires!"
27 Jan '13   Righteous Bison "The lost Bison"
"Where did my relative, Genuine Cow Mangler 5000 go?"
27 Jan '13   Robo-Sandvich "Scout\'s Own Sandvich"
"Eat it fatty!"
15 27 Jan '13   Glengarry Bonnet "Garry\'s Bonnet"
"Make a Bonnet in this Mod, ok? Maybe for a Demo. You know. For posing. Thanks!"
27 Jan '13   Triple A Badge "Combined with an A"
"The Combine army came up with this when the first vowel in \"Wallace\" was \"A\"."
27 Jan '13   Medi Gun "TF Community\'s Healer"
"Given to the contribuitors of the slogan \"Do no harm\"."

Strange items

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# Date Original item Stats Name and description
1 10 Mar '13 Scattergun Kills: 688 -
27 Jan '13 Half-Zatoichi Kills: 50 -